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Dog Treatments and Packages
We understand that every dog is unique and will have different requirements depending on size & coat type, so we have compiled a rough price guide below.
Full Groom Package

We offer lots of packages to ensure that your pet is perfectly pampered! Our full groom package includes: pre-bath groom, warm water bath and dry with styling, fragrant spray, ear cleaning and nail clipping.

Prices are from:

Ex-Small breeds from £18

Small breeds from £20

Medium breeds from £25

Large breeds from £35

Extra-large breeds from £40

Nail, Eye & Ear Package - £10

This includes nail clipping, ear plucking and cleaning, Eye trim and cleaning and a dose of fragrant spray.

Puppy Package - From £10

Suitable for puppies six months or younger, our grooming package offers a bath and brush, nail and ear care, a foot and facial trim and a spray of fragrant spritz.


Delux shampoo -£2.50

Coat re-moisturising deep conditioner - £2.50

Teeth cleaning with a bath and brush or full service groom - £5 

Winter paw care, including a paw tidy, clip out of pads and paw pad wax - £5

Hygiene trim - £5

Wash & Dry from - £5